Molecular Basis of Human Brain Evolution

@bjmiller asked about the genetic mutations we are finding that appear to have driven human brain evolution There has been an explosion of knowledge n this recently. Here are some examples:

Two really beautiful studies on NOTCH2NL:

The story on DUF1220 is really interesting too:

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For the above reasons and because DUF1220 sequences at 1q21.1 have undergone a dramatic and evolutionarily rapid increase in copy number in humans, a model [11][16]has been developed that proposes that:

  1. increasing DUF1220 domain dosage is a driving force behind the evolutionary expansion of the primate (and human) brain,

  2. the instability of the 1q21.1 region has facilitated the rapid increase in DUF1220 copy number in humans, and

  3. the evolutionary advantage of rapidly increasing DUF1220 copy number in the human genome has resulted in favoring retention of the high genomic instability of the 1q21.1 region, which, in turn, has precipitated a spectrum of recurrent human brain and developmental disorders. These include autism and schizophrenia (as discussed below) and other disorders resulting from 1q21.1 duplication syndromeand 1q21.1 deletion syndrome.[11]

From this perspective, disease-associated 1q21.1 CNVs may be the price the human species paid, and continues to pay, for the adaptive benefit of having large numbers of DUF1220 copies in its genome.[11][1

Another one would be ARHGAP11B:


The bible never mentions the brain. this because its a old wives tale that it exists. Instead we have a soul that is connected to our memory. Our memory is our mind in the bible.
so its impossible for our soul to evolve, and so our thinking. Our memory is great but even animals memory is great. i’m not sure if ours is better.
Anyways the evidence for the brains existence must be first proven. Then that it evolved.

How specific is “human Specific”?

Is it restricted to honour sapiens alone?
Do you have any information ?

The brain exists.

ARHGAP11B is found in modern humans as well as Neanderthals and Denisovans.

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The Bible never mentions the human appendix, or the uvula either. It never mentions Australia, Hawaii, televisions or cellphones, IT professionals or standup comedians, either. And so, your point is…?

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What do you think that grey mass of neurons between your ears is, if not the brain?

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:eyes: :eyes:

I love this quote. I don’t know why you are all jumping on him! I think he just forgot to add a smiley face (Poe’s Law).


Oh, the irony of being asked by someone to prove to them that they have a brain! What are we to do, Dorothy??!! :o)

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Prove it or come close. i’m saying that its only a memory machine. Its evolutionists that must make our THINKING BEING the brain and the memory just a secondary operation.
Yet the bible says the thinking being is a immaterial soul. Then this is just connected to the memory.

Not the same. The bible always deals with human thought, intelligence, and it calls this by name. it never mentions a brain. It expects the reasder to understand the thinker is in the immaterial soul. THE MIND is the connecter between the soul and body. The mind should be seen as the memory operation. This and its connecters to the body is alone what is in our skulls.
Evolutionists must put all of US/thinking being into the skull. Thus we are brains with a little help from memory.

Then why not just call it “grey mass of neurons”.
What is there is just a memory machine. no different then a computer except intimately connecter to the user and it lifts things.

Where does the Bible say “the thinking being is a material soul”?

Because a grey mass of neurons is not a brain.

Yes. There is a distinction between a brain and a mind. In what way does this mean there is no such thing as a brain?

Then why does physical brain damage affect cognitive abilities?

If we are immaterial souls and this goes to the afterlife then the brain would not go. yet it would not matter.
So the stuff in our head is just where the Soul is connected to the mind. Its demanding to see the mind as the memory. So we are just souls working with a material memory machine.
likewise jesus had this issue. As a child it said he Grew in wisdom. yet why would a God/soul need to grow in wisdom? what did he pick up here he didn’t already know? THEREFORE we must conclude jesus/God in being put into a human body was connected to a human memory. he couldn’t remember anything from before his life on earth.
This came up in one of his healings.
This is why human thinking problems are exclusively issues with the memory.
I conclude that better healing of these issues could be done if the brain concept was jettisoned and instead the memory concept was embraced.
I think retardation and many issues could be fixed if it was seen as only a triggering problem with memory.
Biblical foundations would lead to superior results if it was embraced.

It doesn’t. What is damaged is the triggering mechanism to the memory or , less likely, the memory itse;f.
All problems with thinking are memory problems if one pays close attention.

Okay, this isn’t funny anymore. This is parody, right?