Money call from Biologos

I was planning to make a contribution for in Dr. Swamidass’ name but I changed my mind. Please put me down for $0 contribution to Biologos. :tongue:

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Yup. It will be interesting to see what they do with it. Pretty sure I am not invited :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. I wish them well. I hope they can do some good with it.

I will admit it made me wonder about starting a podcast of our own, if we ever get funding. That could be fun.


A Francis Collins Bobblehead! I going to look into this. Is that an NIH lab coat that Dr. Collins is wearing? We may have a Church and State separation issue here. Is this an NIH approved bobblehead? Can I get a Ben Carson booblehead? (HUD Secretary and YEC)

I kinda want one!

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Me too.

You don’t need $20,000 of sound equipment and staff to do a podcast. Atheist group do them all the time at nearly zero equipment costs. If you want to do a podcast, just do them.


of course you do. You should have a Dr. Swamidass bobblehead also. How about a GA Bobblehead for George?

The issue is time, editing, and advertising. It is a long term commitment to do it well. For now, I’ll just stick to being a podcast guest (thanks @rjdownard and @purposenation). Someday, if we ever have a full time staff, it may be on the docket. Could be fun.

I agree though. Equipment cost is not really the problem. I don’t know what they would be spending $20K on.

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I almost put up a very obscene booblehead but my good atheist morals and sense of good decorum stopped me. I am sure it would have gotten quite a bit of laughs before Mike would have seen it and ask me to take it down.

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Well thank you. Don’t create moderating problems for me. Especially not late at night.


I am a bit confused by this funding call too. Starting September 2018, they just won a $1.6M grant to produce videos and a podcast. You can see the description here:

A BioLogos podcast has been much in demand by our current audience, and it will provide a way for expanding our audience to new listeners with longform, thoughtful conversations between BioLogos and experts in science, Bible, and ministry.

I’m very confused now though. Why do they need to raise $20K if they already have a $1M grant for this? I am concerned also there is no acknowledgement that this is an already funded project too.

Please do not flame BioLogos in response to this note. I’m just honestly confused what is going on there.

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