More evidence that whales are artiodactyls

What pattern of shared features should we see if common descent and evolution are true? Can you answer the question?

I don’t like thisv question. Its not a accurate intellectual assessment of investigation. one does not say IF THIS WAS TRUE then what would one find.
Well to go the extra mile.
common descent from evolution should have fantastic bvariety in any lineage branch if mutations are the source for biology change plus selection on them. in fact there should not be resemblance , as we find now, in biology as looking so alike. In all the timeline there has been fantastic opportunity for crazy divergence in all biology has to make all, or almost all, or a great deal, that biology lineages should not look like each other. finding them looking alike shows they don’t employ mutations but are just mild variations on the parent and low timelines.
Indeed it would look like the creationist model and not the evolutionist one as is.

That’s exactly what you say.

This is exactly what scientists say when they form a hypothesis, as TJ Runyon states. The next step is to gather data to see if the hypothesis is supported or disproven.

Robert, what TJ and I are describing is the very first thing students learn when they start studying science. You need to build a stronger foundation so you can participate knowledgeably in discussions about science, as you seem to desire to do.


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I participate fine and dandy. Just make your case and don’t complain if creationists disagree. Saying we ain’t good sciency types is just high school insults.

There are 2 possible interpretations of this thread:

  1. Robert is struggling to understand the science, as is obvious from the content of his posts. Chris is to the best of his ability really trying to help him.

  2. Chris is engaging in high school insults because he hates creationist critiques.

I am happy to leave the judgment about which of these is true to our wise and knowledgeable readers.



Hi Robert, would it be accurate to rephrase your second quote this way?..

Robert’s idea: if evolution were true, one would find tremendous variety in life.

Secondly, you seem to think that there is very little variety between species, if I understand you correctly. Do you think that bacteria and bees “look so alike”? How about fungi and flowering plants? How about ducks and deciduous trees? How about porcupines and pine trees?

Hope you enjoyed the alliteration. :slight_smile:


not sure if this is more high school insincerity BUT…
I see little variation amongst species, said to have been around for great timelines, but this has nothing to do with bees and bacteria. They are not different species but have other divisional names.
If evolutionism was true there should not be so much resemblance between species at this point, due to mutations/selection/time, nor much resemblance between genis/familys etc etc.
instead however there is great resemblance where mutations has not dome great divergence from common original descents and with so much time to work with.

Have a blessed day, Robert.


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That’s exactly how the scientific method works. A basic hypothesis is “If A is true, then you should see B, and you should not see C”. What you are saying is that you reject the scientific method.

You need some evidence for this claim. You need to show that mutation rates and selection would allow for these wild swings in morphology.

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No. this is the essence of evolutionism. The glory of evolution is in its mutations to change bodyplans. Plus time this should be the norm. There should not be such fixed resemblance with minor speciation deatails. This should be the predictions. Think of what your saying. your saying biology glory comes from mutations then your saying mutations is poverty stricken in its effects.

But you are saying that this should happen so quickly that we shouldn’t see any shared features among species. That’s the part you need to support with evidence.

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No. not that it should happen quickly but that because there is so much time it should of happened as to erase any trail. yes species have shared traits. we should see it if they only changed from the prent group recently/

You need to support this claim with evidence.