More than Semiotic Arguments

@herman thanks so much for coming here and making your case on the semiotic argument.

I think I’ve clarified why I do not find it a compelling argument, and perhaps we will disagree from here out. Nonetheless, I notice we still have a lot of common ground. I hope you stick around this community.

What motivates you to engage on topics like this? Your blog ( is pretty interesting, even though you have not published there in a while. Also, you seem to have a skeptical view of technological progress that reminds, in a good way, of Ian Hutchinson from MIT. Have you read any of his work? Or watched any of his scientific presentations?

Any how, tell us more about what is motivating you. I hope you also stick around.

Hi Joshua

I’m sorry for the late reply - I was away for a while with family.

I have enjoyed learning from you, so thank you.

I looked up Hutchinson and am looking forward to reading some of his work, thank you. Yes tech is great, but I think it becomes a religion for many people - something on which to pin our eschatological hopes in the absence of God. It can’t solve the deeper problems, though.

On what motivates me, I guess I find the implications of God’s being to our lives and world to be the most interesting and rewarding intellectual and practical pursuit I know of. I’ve been involved with AntWoord for a number of years, and we started Dialoog as well, where we explore such questions. I should update my blog. I put it on hold a few years ago because of my studies and getting married.

Some interesting discussions - I’ll try to contribute to the discussions when I have time!

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@herman hope you get around to this someday.