Neanderthals' main food source was definitely meat

Researchers describe two late Neanderthals with exceptionally high nitrogen isotope ratios, which would traditionally be interpreted as the signature of freshwater fish consumption. By studying the isotope ratios of single amino acids, they however demonstrated that instead of fish, the adult Neanderthal had a diet relying on large herbivore mammals and that the other Neanderthal was a breastfeeding baby whose mother was also a carnivore.

So the Paleo diet is true after all? :slight_smile:


Seems that fish are not meat? I’m not sure I understand that rationale.

Not to Catholics on Ash Wednesday and Fridays in Lent. :sunglasses: But alligator is a fish for Louisiana Catholics. :sunglasses:

It is actually very difficult for American Atheists on Good Friday every year especially when Easter and Passover align. Atheist are required to have the following diet on these religious holidays to make sure we are equally heretical to ALL religions: Breakfast - Bacon, eggs, yogurt, Lunch: pulled pork sandwich with cole slaw, Dinner: Steak with a beer, wine or cocktail. Atheists get nasty looks when we don’t order fish in the restaurants around here on Catholic holidays. So we are forced to have pork, alcohol, cow that day and mix dairy with meat. It can really affect our metabolism, especially if we have high LDLs.

Yeah, when we (Orthodox) fast, we’re not allowed to eat any meat (among other greasy foods) except for fish.

On a related note, we also know that most neanderthals were right handed, just like modern humans. We know this because of the marks left on their teeth and how it relates to the way they cut their meat: