Neanderthals went underwater for their tools: Neanderthals collected clam

I’m kind of getting tired of Neanderthals, to be honest.

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Once RTB, and others acknowledge the humanity of Neanderthals, I’ll stop my quest for human rights for all Hominids. Neanderthals were just like Homo Sapiens long ago. They loved their children, tried to survive in a cold and harsh environment. They deserve respect and admiration for what they accomplished. Not like those specially de novo created GAE, who lived in a climate controlled garden, ate specially grown fruit, and had conversations with a talking snake. GAE had it easy compared to Neanderthals. We should take pride in our Neanderthal cousins, they are the real heroes of the Holocene.

I’m with you on that, it’s just that the more I read about the Neanderthals, paradoxically the more I’m disappointed with them

I’m delighted to learn something about the origins of whole belly fried clams. :grinning:


It’s fascinating, true. Still, for me the more complex and sophisticated the Neanderthals were, the more I expect of them, and to date they’re not living up to my expectations.

And what about Homo Sapiens? Are they living up to your expectations as a species?

Yes they’re doing very well, I find them highly satisfactory. I think the Neanderthals reached a stage they were comfortable with and just couldn’t be bothered doing any more. Very low energy. Sad.

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