Neil Carter: On Keller and Adam and Eve

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From the quotes it does appear that you could squeeze GA into his world, by which I mean nothing in them specifically contradicts GA.

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Yes, that is right. That is why it is important.

In Neil Carter’s article, he quotes Keller:

“Where I would stop is with Adam and Eve. And I would say not only was there an actual Adam and Eve, otherwise I do not understand how the Pauline understanding of salvation works—I just don’t know how Romans 5 works—but I’d even say, “Look, I know what my Christians who are scientists tell me, and that is, they say, that all human beings were not genetically related to a human couple .” That’s right now the consensus… (emphasis mine)*”

This is the kind of thinking that makes Genealogical Adam so necessary … it doesn’t address everyone’s concerns… but it certainly addresses those raised by Keller!

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I just want to correct Carter. Not ‘Pauline understanding of salvation’ but his interpretation of ‘Pauline understanding of salvation’.

As for me, 90% of times Jesus talked about salvation, he talked about how we should act (I.e. ethics) not what we should believe, and I can’t, for the life of me, believe in Keller’s or others like him interpretation of Pauline writings.

Nor, honestly, do I want to.



Well, your “nom de plume” IS “Serbian Orthodox”! It is not surprising to me that you find Keller’s interpretation of Romans 5 as odious.

But … frankly… there just isn’t a prayer that any Evolutionist, not even a Christian Evolutionist, has the consistent capacity to talk Young Earth Creationists “down” from the roof of Romans 5.

It is purely a function of what Latin-writing Augustine has done to the Western churches… even the Protestant offshoots which didn’t exist during his lifetime.

This is, in fact, why Genealogical Adam is such an important school of thought! We don’t HAVE to convince Creationists to re-interpret Romans 5! While you and I would prefer it if they dropped the connection, Genealogical Adam is specifically tuned to appeal to those Christians who really really really need a Flesh and Blood Adam and Eve!



Ahh… I forgot to add this.

I think Carter is already quite the skeptic. He was quoting Keller on Romans 5.

Secondly … look at the six word sentence of yours I quote above!

Now you don’t need to correct ANYONE about Original Sin… at least, not to simply get consensus on Evolution as one of God’s tools of creation.

You may still have the honest conviction that Original Sin is terrible theology. So noted! Agreed! But you can have that as a separate conversation… it’s a relief, wouldn’t you say?

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Yeah, I figured that out after I wrote my comment.