New light shed on the people who built Stonehenge

Analysis of small fragments of cremated human bone from an early phase of the site’s history around 3000 BC, when it was mainly used as a cemetery, showed that at least 10 of the 25 people did not live near Stonehenge prior to their death. Instead, they found the highest strontium isotope ratios in the remains were consistent with living in western Britain, a region that includes west Wales – the known source of Stonehenge’s bluestones.

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There’s something else you didn’t know, too - when my 3 year old grandaughter passed Stonehenge on the way to us last week, she instantly recognised it as “Stonehenge, where the dinosaurs come from.”

That is so cute. They are so much fun at that age and so intelligent. They put things together in fascinating ways. I hope you told her that she was incorrect, that “Dinosaurs and people lived on a big boat for a year”, Perhaps a trip to Kentucky to see Ark Encounter is in order. For her it will be free as children under 5 are counted as baggage by Ken Ham in the count of attendees for tax purposes.

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Probably not, since her parents are British Evangelicals rather than American Fundamentalists. But it’s interesting how the ideas got conflated - presumably mum or day said of both that they were “very old”. It’s only surpring that granddad and grannie didn’t get their origins from Stonehenge as well.

Edit - wrong daughter! Read “her parents are British agnostics rather than American Fundamentalists.” We might discuss God, but not cranky museums.

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Except no one knows who built it. So the light was shed on people cremated and buried there

Yes, there still remains unknowns to be discovered about Stonehedge. Better hurry up and get your IDer into the gaps in the knowledge before new knowledge is found making the gaps smaller and smaller but never disappearing.