New Paper confirms Trilobite Explosion

If you’re going to link, please link the real paper:

It works better without all the snide commentary. Hey, I see they’re still confusing Cambrian Stage 1 with Precambrian.


I wonder if the DI ever worries that the Meyer “Darwin’s Doubt” ID scenario they are pushing and Behe’s “Darwin Devolves” ID scenario pretty much contradict each other?

Nah. As long as the money from book sales keeps coming in they’re happy as clams.

Um, what about plants? Eukaryotes that are neither animal or plant? Bacteria? Photosynthesis?

Hyperbole like this takes me immediately to the off switch.


It shouldn’t. I’m afraid hype is par for the course in PNAS, Science, Nature, and university press releases. It doesn’t affect the actual content of the paper.

I know. Just tossing around a bit more …

The ENV post was tough to read. So frustrating

Pretty much everything on EN is gag-inducing propaganda these days.

I do wonder how their Designer God created the entire universe in just six days then took 20 million years to make the trilobites. :slightly_smiling_face:

How they are contradicting?

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Behe says evolution happened pretty much the way science says from abiogenesis 3.8 BYA on down, just that God comes by to tinker every once in a while when evolution needs a push.

Meyer claim God came by in the Cambrian 520 MYA and over 20 million years created from scratch the body plans first seen in the Cambrian. Of course Meyer won’t touch the 3 billion years of life before the Cambrian or the 500 millions years of life diversifying after the Cambrian.

Those are two very different accounts. Why can’t the ID-Creationists get their story straight even among themselves?

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Behe and Meyer are not creationists.

I do not think Behe says the same as you interpreted him.
Meyer touches the 3 billion years of life before the Cambrian. it does not rule out Cambrian explosion

So, contradiction is in your mind, because you have not read Behe and Meyer directly, but get informed indirectly from critics, that is why you feel a contradiction

Of course they are Intelligent Design Creationists who think the Christian God is the Designer. They’ve both made that crystal clear. The problem is they tell vastly different stories. At least Behe tries to incorporate some known scientific data while Meyer just ignores almost everything.

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He is saying one thinks the Cambrian animals have precursors in the Precambrian and another doesn’t. Those views do conflict. Though people within ID are allowed to have different views and opinions.

Please give us Meyer’s explanation for the 3 billion years of life including at least 150 million years of multi-cellular life before the Cambrian. Please give us Meyer’s explanation for the diversity of life after the Cambrian including the five major mass extinction and re-radiation of life events.

I do not think Behe ever said this, or thinks like this, his Common descent is different from darwinian Common descent

first read Darwin’s doubt and then ask questions

I did read most of it, the parts I could get through without holding my nose.

I note you can’t tell us Meyer’s explanations for all the life events before and after the Cambrian because he has offered no explanations.

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How is it different?

What’s Darwinian common descent?

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They do not believe that God created us? Really? Can you produce a quote?