New Unified Model of Specified Complexity

Here we go again.

A new unified model of specified complexity

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I’m honestly not sure what is new about this. It seems rather to just be formalizing a point that ID has claimed all along, that all ID arguments are special cases of CSI. This seems to make the whole effort very fragile. Should any individual argument be found invalid, then this might mean all the rest are invalid for the same reason.

Of course we know that many ID arguments are invalid. If they are all the same theory, then this would seem to indicate all of them are invalid for similar reasons. At least that is what we should presume until demonstrated otherwise if this article is correct.

As far as demonstrating one invalid, a great place to start would be Mullers Two Step and irreducible complexity. We could then move on to the marksmans fallacy if we like, or maybe @evograds example of numerology in the genetic code.