No more comments with “Anonymous” authors

Makes sense.

I see Patrick’s creepy desire for everyone’s personal and private information is still active.

All the article says is Coyne requires a unique identifier for each poster so there won’t be multiple posts under the default “Anonymous”. He doesn’t require real names or other identifying personal information.


I don’t want your personal nor your creepy private information. I do want a verification service to verify that a path exists to the real identity and contact information of any poster here.

That’s right and the blog has a system in place to verify the identity of all posters. So if Roger Stone starts posting here anonymously about a Federal Judge, PS can share this with law enforcement.

You’ve yet to come up with a valid reason, just your creepy curiosity. Give it a rest already.


Damn. The jig is up! I gotta motor.


Patrick, I work with computer systems that process people’s personal data, and I can assure you that what you are asking for here would open up a massive can of worms, both legally and ethically. You’d have all sorts of issues such as GDPR compliance to deal with, for starters. As for this forum, they include religious beliefs (and I’m sorry, but for the purposes of GDPR compliance, atheism is a religion too) which are classed as “sensitive personal data” and are subject to more stringent requirements than just a name and phone number.


So what do you think we should do here at PS?

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Keep on truckin. It’s a long, strange trip, man.

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I’m debating precisely how, but expect a rework of the forum in the coming months. This will hopefully help us a great deal.

James, with first name, last name, and email, we are already collecting Personally Identifiable Information, right? So the can is open now, isn’t it? If so, does that affect the issue? Should we collect less information so as to stay out of harm’s way? Does GDPR apply to non-commercial sites also? Please help to guide us.

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