Of Robots and Men

where is the limit between a robot and a living creature? for instance: does a robot that is made from organic components (say carbon) isnt a robot anymore?

@scd this is both off topic and repetitive. Start your own thread if you like, or link to the old attempt here, but don’t bring an old repetitive argument here.


@scd I’ve created a new thread where you are able to talk about robots as being analogous to created life. Please keep this topic here as Joshua has noted above. .

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It’s an odd question, because they are so different.

Both can be said to serve purposes. The robot is designed to serve particular purposes. A living creature is compelled to serve the purpose of continuing to live, with a death penalty should it fail.

So here’s what I see as an important difference. The designed robot works on external purposes (the purposes intended by the designer). The living organism works on internal purposes that are important to its own continued existence.

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thanks but its still doesnt answer my question of where is the limit. again: do you think that a robot that is made from organic components like carbon is a living creature or its still a robot?

Robots made out of organic material are still robots unless the blue fairy turns them into a real boy.

ok. so what if we will add now also the self replication trait? it is now a living thing or not?

It depends what you mean by “add now also the self replication trait” and if that’s even possible.

It is not what it is made from that is at issue.

The question of “what is life?” is a difficult one. Many people have thought about it. I don’t think we are going to settle it in an online forum.

i mean like a living thing that can reproduce.

But how are you proposing to add that trait? If you’re just waving your magic wand and saying the robot is now a real boy, that’s a thought experiment without the thought and the question is unanswerable because you haven’t provided enough detail.

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i dont know and its irrelevant. i try to figure out if a self replication make a robot to be a living creature.

Then I can’t answer, because you haven’t provided enough information.

I disagree.

ok. what if we add to that robot a self replication system like in a living thing?

Then you’re simply repeating your earlier claim, and there still isn’t enough detail. You’re going round in circles as usual.

It is extremely relevant.

ok as i said- its a self replication system like a living thing has. is it a robot now or a living thing?

That is still far too vague.

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