Old Earth Creationism: Theistic Evolution

Theistic Evolution is the old earth creationist belief that God used the process of evolution to create life on earth. The modern scientific understanding of biological evolution is considered to be compatible with the Bible.
There are varying degrees of theistic evolution. Many evolutionists believe that God set in motion the laws of nature that led to evolution, but He did not take an active role in guiding the evolutionary process. He merely let nature its course. Others believe that God actively guided the evolutionary process( this is also known as Evolutionary Creationism or non-allegory theistic evolution. These creationists believe in a literal interpretation of Genesis 1-11. Billy Graham held this view and I hold it. It would seem that the literal approach of the Bible in Genesis 1:11-13 would hold a non-allegorical view. God calls creation from the ground, and this can be seen from the Holy Word.

1. Much of this was taken from Old Earth Ministries
2. More taken from Billy Graham: Personal Thoughts of a Public Man P.P. 72-74
3. New International Version: Genesis 1-11