Pew Research: Sunday Regulars Are Happier & Healthier


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@Patrick likes research studies and surveys on religious phenomena and trends so this may be of interest:

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Yes, I can see this to be true. I can see Sunday Regulars to be happier which leads to healthier. It is hard to be happy in a universe that you know is uncaring and purposeless. But if you can find purpose and meaning in a uncaring world, you can have enjoyment for a little while.

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This would be true because on a curve God would reward those of the true faith or anybody that seeks a God behind things.
In our day and age it would be that more middle class people go to church as the lower class would not unlike in the past. so we must be aware of complaints about curves here. or rather they might say COMPARE middle class non church goers with middle class church goers.
the lower classes always didn’t go to church and and always were less happy.
yet still I think the true Christians should be more happy then anyone relative to other things.
I could stand to be happier but this poll makes me a wee bit happier.

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