Professor Arrested for Stealing Ancient Papyrus and Selling It to Bible Museum

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I disagree with the conclusion. That Steve Green has been gullible is beyond dispute. However, that he / the museum have returned all artifacts that seem to be of dubious provenance is consistent with acting ethically.



Green is not just gullible, he uses billions of his money to do apologetics of his brand of Christianity. With that kind of money in play, all kind of unethical, illegal activities happen. The conclusions are valid. Now that the museum is closed to visitors because of COVID, is the Green family still paying the employees? I don’t think so as Green’s Hobby Lobby laid off just about everybody recently. We are watching before our eyes the utter collapse of the Evangelical Christian Financial Empire. I don’t see it coming back.

Let’s be clear here @Patrick. You are taking about the past. When these issues were discovered they got new management and began an ongoing process of undoing the damage. They deserve our respect for this.


The Bible Museum deserves respect for their actions. The Green family does not deserve any respect, due to theirs.