Professor Nathan H Lents refutes criticism from intelligent design community

Lents’ most recent book, Human Errors, came out in 2018. When it was published, he thought that intelligent design supporters “would just roll their eyes. I didn’t offer it as a serious critique [of intelligent design], so I didn’t think they would respond in a serious way but they absolutely did. They went on the attack.” Lents said it took him months to learn about the different types of creationists and how to respond to and refute their attacks effectively, promoting scientific thought without getting dragged into the mud. The back and forth continues as the DI staffers respond to a critique of Darwin Devolves.

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Great article @NLENTS.

Thanks @swamidass and @Patrick! I only begrudgingly agreed to be profiled by the research office, but oh well, they did a nice job and of course I appreciate the unwavering and full-throated support. As I said, not everyone in academia gets why public engagement is worthwhile, so this was a nice affirmation for sure. Have great weekends!


I have to say I am glad the flurry with ID is over, at least for now.

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I have definitely redirected my efforts. I’m still up for one last post about chloroquine, but I’m not itchy to do it, either. I see no reason to rush. I’m also up to my eyeballs with my backlog.

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Same here.