Real Clear Science article: SARS-CoV-2 and possible BSL4 lab "escape"

The article clearly asserts that the virus is not a bioweapon, but does question the how the virus made it into the human population.

This assertion appears to be based on a single report that made the following observations:

An excellent investigative report by Jim Geraghty for the center-right National Review extensively documents the evidence. The highlights of his report include:

  • Job postings at the Wuhan facility for scientists to study coronaviruses and bats.
  • An announcement that new viruses had been discovered.
  • When she learned of the outbreak, a Chinese virologist known as “Bat Woman” (because of her hunt for viruses in bat caves) wondered if the virus came from her lab.
  • The virology institute denied the existence of the person rumored to be “patient zero”, a grad student named Huang Yanling. Information about her has been removed from the institute’s website, and her whereabouts are unknown. The institute now claims she is in good health.

It sounds a little “conspiracy theory”-ish to me. What are your thoughts?


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