Reducing Email Notifications

FIXING NOTIFICATIONS: This site will default to email notifications too frequently. The best way to manage this is to adjust email notifications in your settings. Settings can be accessed by clicking (1) the upper right badge, (2) the gear icon, and (3) selecting “emails” from the left menu.

There are a few strategies, any of which may be better than the defaults.

  1. The forum can send you a message if and only if you are mentioned. Uncheck all email options, except for this one:

Send me an email when someone quotes me, replies to my post, mentions my @username, or invites me to a topic

  1. The forum can send you no messages by email, and just by phone. Unclick all email notifications. Install the phone app instead, and add this site. This is my strategy.

For Android:
For iOS:

  1. If you are a scholar that I invited here, and prefer to avoid the phone app too, please let me know. Turn off your email notifications, and we can send you a private email when something arises that might be important to you. Just let us know you need that service.

If you need help getting the right settings in place, let me know. Please request help as needed here.

I suggest that each user invite one quality person to join this forum and let’s get to 50, then we will have more options.

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Got it working. See changes to suggestions.