Remembering MLK, Grieve the Segregation of Science

This #MLK day, grieve the segregation in science.

If science is a cathedral of worship, why isn’t the whole Church welcomed here? If the Church is our family, can we tolerate a segregated scientific world?

Here is the reading list for a MLK reading group I led back in 2017.

Week 1, Sept 5th, 2017
Paul’s Letter to American Christians (MLK, 1956)
White Flight in St Louis.

Week 2, Oct 3rd, 2017
The Ethical Demands of Integration (MLK, 1962)
Is Segregation Scriptural? (Bob Jones Sr, 1960) This is a contrast to MLK’s thinking, showing how Biblical authority was used to justify segregation.
The Story of Racial Segregation in STL
The Church on the Frontier of Racial Tension (MLK, 1961)

Week 3, Nov 7th, 2017
The Church on the Frontier of Racial Tension (MLK, 1961). Pay attention to how MLK talks about Thomas Jefferson, a slave owner.
Chapter 1 (only) of Pedagogy of the Oppressed. This is a contrast with MLK’s thinking from a “Marxist” contemporary, whose thoughts have a very large impact on our current discourse. I do not endorse the content in this reading.

Week 4, Dec 5th, 2017
Pilgrimage to Non-Violence (MLK 1958)
What is Man? (MLK 1954)


One could ask the same thing about fundamentalist Christian churches.

I’d say that science has made a much better effort to change.

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We all could do much better.

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Absolutely. I should have added that.

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