Researchers develop way to control speed of light, send it backward

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Does this have to do with phase velocity, and making a better use of bandwidth?

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Wait a minute. Did they actually speed up the speed of light 30times??!! then half it?? Something fishy about this and not just that.
The speed of light is said to just be the speed at which anything moves the fastest in the universe. in fact they teach light is the fastest thing in the universe. How speed it up?
anyways a YEC creationist should say there is no speed of light. light is the field as Genesis teaches . Light is everywhere. only the provocation in light moves.
Hmmmm. is this a April fools joke? The researchers had funny names! HMMMM

The speed of a pulse of light is not the same of the speed of actual photons.

Literally the second sentence of the paper:

Indeed, the group velocity vg of an optical pulse in a resonant dispersive medium can deviate significantly from the speed of light in vacuum c, without posing a challenge to relativistic causality when vg > c because the information speed never exceeds c 1,2.


Here’s some more:

Oh. I misunderstood. I thought a April fools joke was going on.