Researchers lay out first genetic history of Rome

This uses ancient DNA to find that the people of Rome were a mix of people from near and far away.


I see this as not a well done paper by way of how they avoid actual results and instead give a lot of interpretation.
Another point is how hard it would be to get DNA from the earlist Romans and know its them. Close to impossible. the history of her people is clear and nothing like DNA will change it. In fact i question if DNA is actually accurate in these things.
Rome was created by the Italian people of that peninsula. They had Estruction (sp) people involved, who may of been greeks or a Anatolian people, and only later did non talians start coming in by slaving or to move ahead.

How do you know so much about the people of ancient Rome?

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i read the history carefully. All histories of people follow the general same lines. Some of these modern geneticists misunderstand the accumulation of centuries of later migrations and simply have wrong ideas. People did not move around that much unless it was a unique case. Rome is italian and not from everyone else. anyways finding the DNA is very difficult and suspect if they say they did. or rather suspect they do poor sampling.

Not true.

They have new DNA data from ancient skeletons which shows the mixtures of genomes of different people of the place and time.

Tell that to the conquered people who are taken to Rome to be sold as slaves.

Rome existed before Italy. The science of ancient DNA sequencing is now in high gear showing amazing results.


For what it’s worth, I shared the article with a colleague who is a Roman historian. He replied:

Quite interesting. I would not have guessed the varied influx so early in Roman history, though the comments about the later population mix in Imperial Rome did not surprise me (though the confirmation was nice). I was hoping they would mention a smoking gun one way or the other on Rome’s founding myth that a bunch of Trojan refugees moved to Italy and began a city from which Rome was founded. Perhaps that will come out later!


Despite what @Robert_Byers1 says, we all know that Romulus and his twin brother Remus were the founders of the city of Rome. They were the children of Rhea Silvia and Mars and their story is recorded by many authors including Virgil who claims their birth and adventures were fated in order for Rome to be founded. Ancient DNA and archaeology will not be able to prove that this account really didn’t happen. I called this the Genealogical Romulus and Remus (GRR) theology because it aligns with the Scripture of Virgil. :sunglasses: I am going to publish a one page pamphlet on this and give out for free at Starbucks. :rofl:


While i do see Rome as Gods tool to punish evil mankind and reaarange the world to push forward the Christian plan I don’t see a mystery as to why she became great.
Rome was actually neighbors with a important unique people called Estruscans (sp). they had a advanced civilization relative to Italy and even more eastern areas. So rome was simply a italian people who created a city close to them. They would of been advantaged by thier trade and knowledge etc.
Rome was not a organic Italian tribes creation. further to this is the origin of the Estructions.(sp). herodotus the earliest historian said THEY SAID they came from Asia minor or rather SE Turkey. So speaking a very different language and having a superior eastern civilization. i think they try to say they have genes showing this. i suggest another option is they are just Greeks. oR rather the Tarshish people mentioned in the bible. the area Jonah was trying to fleee too and the bible says this people was a great trading people. Then some placenames have the “TAR” word in them like the Tyrennian (sp)sea and taranto (sp) etc. so ancient Sicily might of been called tarshish and that was jonahs destination complete opposite direction to Niniveh.