Researchers Prove Water Has Multiple Liquid States

The usual “liquid” state of water that we are all familiar with corresponds to liquid water at normal temperatures (approximately 25 degrees C). However, the paper shows that water at low temperatures (approximately -63 degrees C) exists in two different liquid states, a low-density liquid at low pressures and a high-density liquid at high pressures. These two liquids have noticeably different properties and differ by 20% in density. The results imply that at appropriate conditions, water should exist as two immiscible liquids separated by a thin interface similar to the coexistence of oil and water.

Because water is one of the most important substances on Earth—the solvent of life as we know it—its phase behavior plays a fundamental role in different fields, including biochemistry, climate, cryopreservation, cryobiology, material science, and in many industrial processes where water acts as a solvent, product, reactant, or impurity. It follows that unusual characteristics in the phase behavior of water, such as the presence of two liquid states, can affect numerous scientific and engineering applications.

“It remains an open question how the presence of two liquids may affect the behavior of aqueous solutions in general, and in particular, how the two liquids may affect biomolecules in aqueous environments,” Giovambattista said. “This motivates further studies in the search for potential applications.”

@deuteroKJ After reading this I decided my view of Genesis 1:1-8 water is not half-literal, instead we just need to figure out what Water 4.0 and 5.0 is…or 11.0 or 12.0 or whatever it might be :grinning:

@thoughtful you do realize that all of these phases of water are composed of H2O, just at different pressures and temperatures, right?

This in absolutely no way provides any justification, whatsoever (any more emphasizing words I can add?) for the views you’ve expressed about the primordial waters in Genesis 1.



We can agree to disagree.

Just don’t mess around with Ice-9 (the Vonnegut sort).

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