Richard Dawkins is Writing The God Delusion for Kids

People should read The Devil’s Delusion, have a good laugh at Dawkins’ expense and chill

Just sayin’

Wonder if Berlinski will respond to this one, too.

Certainly atheists have a legal right to indoctrinate their own children as parents of any other religion. I don’t see anything shocking about this, only that I probably won’t let my future kids read it before they’re ready.


As in-the-closet atheist parents, we exposed our two sons to Cultural Catholicism. It was really lighthearted, certainly not indoctrination. Told them that the Adam and Eve story was a fairy tale. Did tell them that hell didn’t exist but said that heaven might. Was really agnostic with them regarding existence of God. They are grown-up scientists now, great guys. I would say that they are Nones. They often tell me that calling oneself an atheist is unnecessarily putting a target on one’s back. Just be a None, they say, and nobody will bother you.

I would say that they are Nones. They often tell me that calling oneself an atheist is unnecessarily putting a target on one’s back like a Satanist. Just be a None, they say, and nobody will bother you.

That sounds like good advice. I’ve been a “none” since dropping out of Christianity, many years ago. And I never got into arguments over that.

Likewise, I never needed to “indoctrinate” my children into being “nones”. It just came naturally to them.


Welcome to the forums @nwrickert, glad to have you here. Most of us are Christians here, but we really benefit from other perspectives. Peace.

My daughter found the same when she started attending university in the US after growing up in Taiwan, a magical land where the great majority of people would not spare two seconds to think much less care about your religiosity or lack thereof. Long story short is she grew up secular, but not rabidly so or anything. I talked to her on the phone some time after she started school, and she said she told some people she was atheist and was pretty taken aback by the reactions she got. She switched to telling people she’s “not really religious”–sounds like a good idea I said. Lest one think this was the bible belt or what have you, it was Long Island NY, which is, well, not the bible belt :slight_smile:


How do atheists explain our existence to their kids?

I took mine to the London Nature History Museum when they were very young (ages 6 and 3). They absolutely loved the Human Origins section especially Lucy.

So you can’t explain our existence. That is what I thought. You can’t even explain how the earth came to be the way it is.

To be fair to the atheists, we Christians have spent an enormous amount of time, effort, and money fighting each other over “how the earth came to be” and if we had used half of those resources fighting injustice and doing good in the world, atheism would be less attractive for people.


I was unaware of that but then again I am not a Christian. What, exactly, is the fight?

Well stated. Take a look at Francis Collins. Renowned Scientist, NIH Director, devout Christian. If Christianity needs a role model, chose him.

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Nice projection. No one knows when the earth formed. You have to know how it formed before you can say when. You have no idea when humans arrived.

Look, you need numerous just-so cosmic collisions to get the earth’s rotation as it is now. That means all you have to explain the earth is sheer dumb luck which also means you don’t have any science.

So you are clearly just a clueless troll.

Sorry to disturb your delusion, but you are wrong.

More projection and a false accusation too.

The age of the earth being 4.5x billion years old depends on the claim that the proto-earth was molten- so hot that all space debris melted- no crystals survived. If that didn’t happen then the dating method is going to be wrong.

And yes, to get a rocky planet to have any rotation takes many just-so collisions.

I understand now, you were educated at Ark Encounter. You should ask for your money back as it has filled your brain with mush.