Royal burial site: "UK's answer to Tutankhamen"

Archaeologists believe that this tomb belonged to Seaxa, Saebert’s brother (circa late 6th century AD.)

I find it fascinating on many levels:

(1) Even while many Young Earth Creationist ministries claim that radiometric dating is “hopelessly flawed and unreliable”, scientists in this case rely on such methodologies and tools to make incredibly precise determinations:

It had been suggested the remains were those of Saebert, Saxon king of Essex from AD604 to AD616 but carbon dating and other tests have indicated the tomb was constructed between AD575 and AD605 - at least 11 years before his death.

(2) Handheld X-ray fluorescence devices were used to determine the alloy composition of artifacts.

(3) They found crosses made from gold foil which were probably placed over the eyes, indicating that this was probably a Christian burial. This was a time when Christianity was at its very earliest stages in England.

(4) Even grave objects which no longer exist can be studied:

In some cases, items had been so badly eroded that only soil impressions remained. These artifacts were digitally recreated using techniques including CT scans and microscopic analysis of soil samples.


In special cases dating might work. the reason the dating is unreliable is because its unreliable what was going on so long ago. We can be more sure, sure at all, that nothing has gone on these times. by the way the artifacts are confirming the dating . this does npt happen in the millions of years jazz.
i am interested in british things like this. i watched billions of them on youtube. i’m glad you brought me attention to this. its cool.