Science & Evolution, by themselves, are Inadequate - but we don't dump either!

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Your objection misses the mark badly … because you insist on treating Science all by itself… and not in conjunction with Christian faith that a great many scientists do have.

It is agreed that the tendency towards Agnosticism or Atheism has dramatically increased in the Sciences over the years.

But since you say: “Science is not the cause”… then for goodness sake, quit blaming Science.

When Joshua, or I, discuss science here at Peaceful Science, we are frequently talking about a theologically-oriented form of Science. When we aren’t, we should make it clear that we are not.

In the same way “God-Guided Evolution” is not the “modern form of neo-Darwinism” (because it refers to God), then “Christian-centered Scientism” is not just Science… but Science looked at from the perspective of Christianity.

This is why, my dear Ashwin, you will inevitably have to come to terms with the use of adjectives and qualifiers that adjust the meaning of cold, desolate words like Evolution or Science.

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