Scientists Find Chemical Markers of DNA in Calcified Cartilage of Duck-Billed


Schweitzer still churning out interesting work!


First off, kudos to Schweitzer for continuing her hard work and pushing the field forward.

The assays she uses are all great, but they have their downsides as well. Non-specific binding of antibodies is the bane of many a biologist, and there is nothing to guarantee that DAPI and PI will specifically react with DNA. An obvious next step is to move towards mass spectroscopy, such as MALDI-TOF, LC/MS, and MS/MS. This will provide more direct means of detection instead of using indirect methods. I am sure Schweizter is well aware of the potential pitfalls and advantages of other techniques, and I hope she can find another great group to collaborate with.


Spectacular. I wonder what AIG and CMI are saying about this. (I suppose it is more of the mind-numbing illogic of “See. These couldn’t be millions of years old. They are preserved.”)

I hope Dr. Schweitzer is not getting harassed. I recall her saying in an interview years ago that she had to get an unlisted home phone number because of threatening calls.