Scientists find eternal Nile to be more ancient than previously thought

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Its interesting. I didn’t know they thought there was a mystery. this fits with creationist models. Indeed there is no mystery because these timelines never existed. the river has been there since , at least a few centuries AFTER the flood,. iSo say from 2100 BC its been occupied by people. it could not move.
there was no miillions of years for any river to exist if that was even possible. Which it is not by nature of rivers.
All their calculations are based on presumptions about the landscapes geological history. then they match things up. Its laughingly bad. However the idea there was a mystey is VERY INTERESTING. AHA. Thanks.

Any data to support the creationists claims?

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Biblical boundaries and just a better interpretation of basic facts. One can see , in these difficult matters of history, they just look at raw data and make conclusions and then make FURTHER conclusions from that. In this case thier conclusions are messed up by the nile. thus the mystery and thus the remedy. however the mystery is the clue that the presumptions are suspect.

Uh, not really. Wrote a whole series on the Nile but this segment summarizes the evidence. and then the implications for YEC:


@Joel_Duff you are a biologist. How did you become so competent at geology?


His path was a little rocky…


Using the same data one can have a YEC friendly interpretation. I like this list and never before saw it listed this way.
It works for this YEC as follows. First the great flood laid sedimentary rock on top of what was below. Then a few centuries after the flood great upheavals in the continents forced the atlantic water to carve out in a few days the great basin called the Mediterranean sea. this also flooded Northern Africa and that same week or so as the waters fled out of the new mediterrain basin the waters flowed off Africa creating the canyon. Then waters flowed back into the great basin from the atlantic a few days later. the canyon created trail was filled with the sediment that had helped carve it. the nile simply, from a new watershed, flowed that way too. possibly because of the influence of the underlying canyon path.
It works for creationist models.

All conjecture. Let the data lead you to conclusions. YECs start with conclusions and try to make up a story to make the data fit the story. Certainly not how science works. That why YEC is religion not science and can’t be taught in public schools.

Nope. Creationism is just the origin of hypothesis and then scientific methodology is employed. Yes it must be taught in schools as to censor it is illegal and anyways unAmerican and absurd.
Its coming in our time. i heard in Ohio there are new ways to introduce alternative conclusions based on 'religion".

They were building pyramids with limestone in 2650 BC, 300 years before the AiG date for Noah’s flood. Egyptian civilization was already centuries old before they started construction of their iconic buildings. They worked the flood plain of the Nile, covering the archaic canyon far beneath. And how did that limestone form? Taken together, there is no way to fit the YEC chronology into this picture, as it does not mesh with geology or history and violates common sense. Denial is not a river in Egypt.


The Sphinx is even older


These are human calculations done thousands of years ago. probably not the smartest people in the 1800’s. They simply are unproven. Only from about, hmm, 2150BC to 2050BC did the first people go into Northern Africa. Biblical creationists also qiestion/reject these old dates for human settlement.