Scientists Link Darwin Devolves Author with Measles Upsurge, Catastrophic Climate Change

New and More Hysterical Claims

But it gets better. Not content to repeat the distortions in the review, the AAAS proceeds to puff itself with new and more hysterical claims. According to these leading U.S. scientists, Professor Behe is basically besieging and threatening the country, if not the world. He’s in league with dark forces unleashing a great wave of harm: “ Darwin Devolves is being released at a time when science in the U.S. is under assault . Unfounded fear of vaccines has led to measles epidemics . Climate change is causing irreversible damage . And the proper teaching of evolutionary science is being undermined by local school boards” (emphasis added).

Defenseless children, untutored in Darwinism, plagued by measles as the Earth warms, the sea rises, and the polar vortex bears down on us all? Blame Mike Behe, the dangerous “attacker.” Only the brave and noble AAAS stands in this monster’s way: “the AAAS is signaling its willingness to call out pseudoscience and defend the facts ” (once again, emphasis added).

Speaking of hysterical…

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*It has been my experience that one very common way for opponents to try to discredit an argument is to exaggerate it, to ignore distinctions an author makes, and/or to change carefully qualified claims into bizarre absolutes.” - Michael Behe


Interesting that the press release Klinghoffer is having his hissy fit over today came out Feb.11th, almost a month ago. Behe can’t address any of the devastating criticisms published in this last week on Darwin Devolves but the DI can still send Klinghoffer out as the court jester for a distraction.

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