Siberia’s ancient ghost clan starts to surrender its secrets

A mysterious group of extinct humans known as Denisovans is helping to rewrite our understanding of human evolution. Who were they?


Quoted from the article:

" Her luck turned in June 2015, when a 2-centimetre sliver of long bone tested positive for hominin collagen. “It was such an insane moment to find out that one of them was a hominin,” she says. Yet nothing would prepare her for a subsequent discovery by colleagues in Germany, who had sequenced the complete genome of DNA in the bone. "

"Last year, a team that included Brown reported that the bone belonged to a woman who had lived around 100,000 years ago, and

[a] whose mother was a Neanderthal

[b] and father a Denisovan2."

"They gave the remarkable young woman a name: Denny. It was such a one-in-a-million find in the first place — and then for it to be a first-generation offspring. It’s magic, it’s amazing,” Brown says. “It’s a real testament to what we can still find.”

“Brown and her colleagues have since discovered other hominin bone fragments in Denisova Cave, and the team is embarking on a project to analyse tens of thousands of bone shards from the cave and further sites in Asia.”

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