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Guy I also fall into the recapitulatory camp …and the sequential camp too. Most people see the sequential reading as excluding a recap reading and so I don’t care for the sequential label. My position is that there is a lot more going on in 1:27 than most people see and some of it (what is happening outside the garden) is expanded on in the following verses from 1:28- 2:1, and some of it (what is happening inside the garden) is expanded on in 2:7 onward…

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Ken Keathley: Notes from Dabar and a Baptist's Hope
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Being a “Conservative Baptist” kid growing up in California in the 70’s was a bit of a cultural roller coaster ride, discerning and defining myself within popular culture. I would imagine the same in the UK?

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I was converted as a teenager in 1965, and grew into both the faith and adulthood together. I remember growing my hair fashionably long in order to rescue the reputation of long hair!

Somehow managed to keep my head above water being both in a Conservative University Christian Union at Cambridge, with Derek Kidner as a neighbour, and a folk-rock guitarist. Ended up doing both on what passed for the British rock-gospel circuit, sharing bills with guys like Graham Kendrick.

Of course, when I qualified as a doctor the hair and flares went and people didn’t notice I was a Christian so much until I opened my mouth. Not much has changed since, except denominational affiliations.

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If Genesis 1:1-2:4a is something like a “hymnic poem” YHWH, as the Angel of the LORD, Who was at least periodically present in the garden with Adam, taught to Adam as a matter of an oral worldview formation, we can expect Adam to have known that there might be “imago Dei humans” outside the garden, and to have known that they had been given a prior mandate to fill and populate the earth, and to take a stewardship type of dominion; despite the fact that God had asked him, in particular, to stay in this particular garden to “tend it and to keep it” --a very different type of individual life mandate than the one given to those from the Genesis 1 account.
Would love to vocally jam with you sometime, @jongarvey ! What music should I practice to? : )
Who says paleoanthropology can’t be hip? : )
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I’m up for a jam on “Call Me Al”, since it’s in my current repertoire.

Or in a more palaeontological vein, something folky and self-penned…

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Did you see the second link, on “Guitarzan?” Might make it into the repertoire… “Pentadactyly” is a fine example of the best in “digital” folk music… give him a hand, folks!

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