Snakes preserved in dinosaur nests

Yet another outstanding article from Joel Duff:



I hadnt thought of this before!

“As implausible as this scenario painted by YECs might sound, their hypothesis is rendered utterly implausible when the physical evidence from dinosaur nests, such as the those above, are considered.”

“Young earth creationists paint a picture of half-crazed dinosaurs running around to escape the next giant wave washing new layers of sediments over the world and laying nests in barren sand layers and then running off to try to find higher ground. What we find in this nest contradicts everything about this explanation.”

“Here we find clutches of preserved eggs, a hatchling dinosaur and a snake. How did the snake get there”

"How could dinosaurs have laid eggs during a global flood much less [have] the eggs survive long enough to incubate to hatching?"