So Much Theology in One Comic

(S. Joshua Swamidass) #1

(system) #2

(Edward Robinson) #3

Hey, isn’t that Genealogical Adam over there on the right bank of the river? :smile:

And those guys on the left bank, are they from the tribe of 10,000+ hominids who are in the image of God? :wink:

(Dr. Patrick Trischitta) #4

No, they are non-image of God Neanderthals.:rofl:

(Retired Professor & Minister.) #5

And the guy standing in the middle on the left bank was supposed to be “Genealogical Gus” but he was extremely shy around girls. So he failed to reproduce.

Oh what might have been! (Scientists call it the Butterfly Effect—because Gus got butterflies in his stomach whenever he tried to talk with a woman.) [rimshot]

[Your turn, @Dan_Eastwood.]

(Dan Eastwood) #6

Ask and Ye shall receive!

(Edward Robinson) #7

So the outcome of human evolution was disGusting?