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Alright, we are going to give this a shot, with a soft launch. I think, if we can get started here, it will increase our changes of getting foundation funds. Please consider supporting us on a monthly basis. There are several tiers: $1, $5, $10, $25, $50, or a custom amount per month.

  • If you give $1 per month, or more, you will get a special badge on your icon in the discourse forum.

  • If you give $25 per month, or more, you will get one of our coffee cups to show off.

  • We may have special parts of the forum only available to patreon supporters too.

If this works out, we might be able to give you some swag on a yearly basis too, though I can’t say for sure till do a real launch. The details will be shaped by what you all want, and for now you gotta just take a leap and sign up to see how things develop.

If most of us chip in what we can afford, we will be able to cover most of our costs. And yes, we do have costs beyond the JTF grant, and currently they are coming out of my pocket. Please ask me any questions you have here, and consider signing up to help us remain and independent voice.


I’m now the first official patron! :grinning:


I was hoping you would be the first :).

I’ll join now in solidarity, even though the double taxation involved in this for me makes this a dumb move.

(I’m currently paying web expenses out of pocket. We don’t have an independent no profit yet and WUSTL doesn’t integrate with patreon.)

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Hmm, apparently I can’t join my own campaign! That is unfortunate. So no solidarity recorded it seems.

Seems like you automatically have a Patreon icon on your picture if you are the owner of the campaign, even if you didn’t donate! :sunglasses:

I cab bestow it on myself thiugg being my own patron is honestly self referential. Hopefully you aren’t lonely here for long.

Seems like I lost the patron badge… :frowning:

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