Southern states try to circumvent the First Amendment by teaching the Bible...

@Jerry_Coyne on teaching the Bible in Public Schools:

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This is not true. the inventors of the amendment never meant education to be effected. the education was to teach the truth and no censorship.
The state did not mean everything the state paid for. otherwise that would be everything.
further there was no federal control or expectation of it over the education.
it never would of occurred to these people that the constitution/amendments could be distorted into anything opposing christianity. that only has happened sinceWWii.
Its up to the people to decide what is taught/censored in these subjects.
by the way i know they teach the bible is not true. or rather they teach kids it came not from god but from influences of asia etc etc.
they do teach about the bible. they teach its a evolved book unrelated to gods inspiration.

Teach who’s truth?

that is up to the people and not up to dictators over the people.

Who are these “dictators over the people?”

Those who ban anything of religion or creationism in public institutions.
anyone who interferes with the peoples democratic choices.