Stepping away for a little while

Hi everyone. I enjoy this forum very much and I learn a lot from each of you. But unfortunately I was diagnosed with cancer and I’ve been feeling worse lately so I think it’s best if I step back and focus on my health. I tend to spend a little too much time on forums. I may butt in from time to time but my presence will be significantly reduced. Best wishes to all!

TJR; sorry to hear that. Praying for your situation, and that remission is in the works ahead. See you, sooner or later, okay? Cheers!

So sorry to hear that. Take your break, and please get well.

Sorry to hear, TJ. Take care of yourself, I’ll be praying for your road to recovery!

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I also shall pray for your recovery…

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I am so sorry to here that. Please stay positive as progress is being made continuously against cancer. Wishing you all the best care possible. I hope you beat this.

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Take care of yourself. Sending best wishes your way.

My prayers added, too. Providence is seldom straightforward.

what a sad news. sorry to hear and take care of yourself!

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