Texas Back-to-School Prayer Rally Draws Literally 0 Participants

FFRF was going to send a letter in protest that this was happening on school grounds but nobody showed up. So I guess FFRF can’t complain about it now.

You know, some of these news items would be more interesting if you found a more balanced news source. Perhaps look for a corroborating article to post alongside the atheist polemic?

ok I will try to look boarder. But my interest is really the science.

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Your scientific contributions are much more valuable than the anti-religious stuff.

Some of it is important. How can we ignore what happened at Willow Creek and the Catholic Church? So sad. You have also been equal opportunity by posting about Krauss.

On atheism, I think its best for you to post things that make it easier for us to understand you. For example that post on Seven Atheist Archetypes was really helpful. The articles attacking Christianity on questionable grounds don’t build bridges and are not really even making your point.

If you sense something is wrong in the article, and want to know what, it is worth posting. Just let us know and ask us how Christians really see things. That way people won’t mistake it an think you are just agreeing with the mistakes we find there.

Any how, the scientific articles you post are always helpful. I hope in particular you can help me stay up to date on the papers coming out on ancient DNA. That work is really important. There is so much there it is hard to keep up!