Thank you, Introduction, Evolution Skeptic

Prof Swamidass, Thank you for inviting me to Peaceful Science forums. I have enjoyed our conversations elsewhere.

Introduction – I am a Naturalistic-Evolution Skeptic, an Ex-Atheist, a Philosophical Theist, and a Mere-Christian.

I am skeptical of the claims of Naturalistic Large-Scale Evolution based on the Scientific Evidence AND my knowledge of Epistemology (theory of knowledge).

I accept Small-Scale Evolution based on the evidence (i.e., adaptation, natural selection, genetic drift, mutations, reproductive isolation – leading to variations within species and low-level speciation).

I reject Naturalistic Universal Common Descent, and a Naturalistic Single Tree of Life, based on the scientific evidence AND epistemology.

My view is that Naturalistic Large-Scale Evolution (NALSE) is a Metaphysical Interpretive Paradigm that is completely immune to any contrary evidence.

And that Naturalistic Large-Scale Evolution is really a Historical Pattern-Matching Hypothesis that is epistemologically-limited (constrained) by a particular metaphysical world-view (metaphysical atheism, pure materialism, reductionism). NALSE Is NOT Sincere Truth seeking, but rather metaphysically assumed to be true (with various exercises of epistemological confirmation seeking behaviors).

My take is that the Scientific Evidence (epistemologically neutrally viewed) is most consistent with Bushes of Life (not a single naturalistic tree of life) with Intelligent Design Infusions of Bio-Functional Information at the base of each Bush of Life. The Bushes are likely at the taxonomic level of Families and higher.

I subscribe to a 14 billion year old universe, the Big Bang, and a 4.5 billion year earth.

I also subscribe to Intelligent Design as a Rational Explanation of certain features of Reality.

With no offense meant, I have NEVER seen a compelling case for Naturalistic Large-Scale Evolution (having read various books that claim in some sense to prove evolution, by such authors as Dawkins, Coyne, and others).

I look forward to dialogs on any of these topics, without put-downs or ad hominems.

And, I wish you all peace, and sincere truth-seeking

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Welcome @Peter_Berean. What more can you tell us about yourself? And it was fun chatting with you earlier. It seems you are looking to make sense of this. Maybe we can help.

What about a case for the common descent of humans and the great apes?

Why is there consilience of independent phylogenies?

Most of the research and most of the evidence is about the processes involved, rather than about historical patterns.

There’s no such thing (in my opinion).

But this is your introduction thread, so treat this reply as merely expressing disagreement. I’m not attempting to start a debate with you about that disagreement.

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What prevents the mechanisms you accept for producing small evolutionary changes (i.e microevolution) from having the small changes accumulate over time into larger, macroevolutionary changes?

Your argument seems to be you can walk across your town in a day but you can never walk to the next town even given many years.

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Jesus Christ Patrick give it a rest. Your unhealthy fixation on gathering the private information of everyone has gone beyond creepy. :angry:

@patrick do you really need to do that?

Is this guy real? Anyone know him?

Why do you care and what difference does it make to the conversation? Deal with the ideas presented and get off the creepy “I gotta know PERSONAL STUFF!” kick.

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I want to know that I am not talking to another JoeG, Sharon or Auntyevolution.

You tell that by what they post, not by hounding everyone for private personal information.

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A reasonable impulse, but this isn’t your web site, and it’s not your job.

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I would be very interested in discussing this subject. Would you?

PS is in the big leagues now. We have people here like Lenski, @nlents and Jerry Coyne here and we shouldn’t let anonymous ID trolls coming at them when they are talking real science.

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You have no idea what “my job” is.

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We know it’s not playing self-appointed identity nanny for this board. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m no nanny. And I am no “turn the other cheek” Christian.

He commeth from Facebook. Press people for verification if they are trolls or disruptive, not merely for being new.


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