The Art of Ancestry: A Quick Preview

The Genealogical Adam and Eve invites a conversation about ancestry: from Adam and Eve to evolution, from race to kinship, from sacred to natural history. To encourage this conversation, we designed a series of artifacts, each building on one of the five parts of the book: fracture, ancestor, human, mystery, and crossroad.

Genetic ghosts. Forgotten histories. The illusion of race. The science of ancestry is interesting, meaningful, and non-intuitive. Each piece is visually interesting, but also includes several layers of meaning.

These artifacts are an opportunity to explore ancestry yourself, but also to invite others into the conversation too.

There is more to come, but I wanted to give you a sneak peak at five posters we’ve made. What do you think?

It would be pleasant to know what they are intended to mean.


We started to write up some explanations but realized that giving some time for people to read the book and wonder about it first would be better. Each piece conveys key themes from the part of the book it represents. Each part of the book begins with a related piece of art, that we bring to fruition here.

Maybe in a couple months we will redirect the QR codes to an explanation of at least part of the meaning.

In the meantime, what do you think they might mean?

I’m really not into coy mysteries. This is not amusing for me. Sorry.


Okay. We will back to discuss it with more clarity on time. :slight_smile:

If you ask me, it’s way past time for clarity.


A conversation. the illusion of race thing. Race concepts were common nd historic and i always suspect they are rejected only because one race said they were superior to another and cted upon it. So they decided there were no races.
I agree race us a illusion. its not true. Howeverr I do conclude there are species of human beings.
That is that after the separation from the tower of babel the 70 language groups upon migrating to different areas on earth had their bodies influenced by the envirorment. this mechanism changed body plans and this mechanism is the mechanism for speciation. There is no other
Therefore Mankind is made up of different species as surely as butterflies are.
The idea that reproduction compatibility denies speciation has taken place is a wrong and strange error.
So yes all our different traits in population, including thus genetics, is the result of speciation.
So any black group of people is a different species from any whit group of people after all. Likewise black groups would be different species from each other and white groups different species from each other. So for instance I am of two species. The German(by way of English) and Celtic(by way of Scottish). these were two people groups that left babel separately and as two were affected separately by the northern european cenvirorment equally. so actually both groups oNLY look alike because of this influence. nOt because they are related. Not from some original white tribe that later segregated including language. Explanation for why we look different must come from biological mechanisms. Evolutionists MUST say people groups have EVOLVED separately from each other from a original tribe. Creationists can say NO there was no evolution but there was a instant bodyplan change that brought a speciation to human beings , probably under a hundred or just 70(to go by the lagnagurage groups from babel).
So race is not true, no white, brown, black, races. However species of humans is true bvased on original segregated tribes. any look alikes is just a coincedence of the area they moved too.
Yet mechanism has occured, has done the deed, and there is no justifiable reason to say it must go farther in making us uncompatible in reproduction to qualify as speciation. NOPE.
We should not be saying humans are one species. YES one genus from the eight people off the ark. yet now we are many, many, species just like the species of cat types.
(they also CAN interbreed like lions and tigers however difficult and not enduring).
It is a important or at least interesting conversation.