The best music of the past decade

Not really on topic for what we usually discuss here, but I thought I would share this, anyway.

Happy New Year to all (who use the Gregorian calendar)!


A very thorough review of the decade! However, I cannot help but notice the absence of Justin Bieber. How do you explain this?

It wasn’t his best decade. :slight_smile:


2000-2019 wan’t any decade: it was two of them. Oh, I see, the page referred to has the dates as 2010-2019.

Yes, I proofread the article, but not my link here. Thanks for the eagle eye!

Thanks for that! Following my usual pattern, it takes me at least a decade before I ever learn about the good stuff. :slight_smile:

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BTW, do the Spotify players work for you? They’re behaving a bit weird for me. In order for them to work properly, I have to start a song, log in to Spotify, then open a new version of the blog page in other tab. Otherwise, it just plays the 30 second clips, usually at excessive volume.