The Church of Norway Just Apologized for Its Inconsiderate Anti-Abortion Stance

Deb Haarsma at Biologos should take note:

Leave poor Haarsma alone. You know it’s unfounded when I’m defending Biologos. Fresh.

She conflated genetic testing, CRIPR, and bioethics with abortion. The Director of the NIH didn’t. She is playing to her base. Don’t defend her, call her out.

Is it a nefarious strategy or a poor grasp of the issues? Either way, are you overreacting? BioLogos is genuinely tone-deaf on the culture wars. This is harmless at worst.

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Why don’t you invite her here to talk about her position.

Invite her to come here to defend her position of linking early term genetic testing and abortion.

That is a joke. She is not coming here. Remember, they kicked me off their forum? BioLogos never talks about Adam and Eve now days, in part (it seems) to avoid crossing paths with me.


This is a pro-abortion opinion by this present church. They can not apologize for previous pro-life opinions as thats just a dismissal of pro-life opinions. A hostile rejection of humans conclusions on these matters.
It juswt sounds like feminist left wing propaganda that has nothing to do with biblical christianity or Gods word.
Abortion KILLS a being. This being has a soul. A human soul.
If they say this is not so then say so! Don’t dishonestly hide behind some other moral claim to kill the creature.
They discredit themselves right away. I’m sure nobopdy in norway cares about this church as probably most are not Christian in conviction. Just typical european non believers.
Its in North America that pr0-life conclusions are powerful and matter.
Europe will follow a eventual pro-life victory.
They seem silly to me and unchristian.