The Evangelical Network Protecting a High-Profile Preacher


I’m rethinking universalism.

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Also Pope Francis doesn’t want us to try too hard to halt priest abuse:

It seems an individual by the name of Jesus had a lot to say regarding religious leaders.


Yep, definitely rethinking universalism.


Is there somewhere else I can read that story? I’m not a subscriber.

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Lots of articles, just search for “pope francis lower expectations”.

I definitely hope universalism is false and these people burn forever in agony. Dante’s Inferno has a whole bunch of priests and popes.


Well, I wouldn’t go that far but… OK.

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It would be great if churches were treated like 501 organizations.

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As to the Medium article speaking against The Gospel Coalition, here is their explanation for their silence as the situation stood in 2013:

“The one who states his case first seems right, until the other comes and examines him” — Prov. 18:17

I have no dog in any of these fights but I noticed that when I followed some of the links in the Medium article, the content didn’t necessarily fit what the article claimed. I’m not a Mahoney follower and I have huge reservations about big money organizations and powerful leaders. Even so, I can understand why online forums (such as that of Gospel Coalition) don’t want to be a place for unrestrained fighting of battles which are also being fought in the courts. Who has the staffing and funding to keep such debate threads under control? I can understand why management would want to remain neutral on legal cases pending. Every forum has reasons to keep dialogue within certain boundaries.

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Of course, there are fundamental constitutional reasons and judicial precedents for not treating them as 501©(3) organizations.

Meanwhile, many churches are, in fact, set up as 501©(3) organizations. There are advantages in doing so. Indeed, I know of churches which consist of multiple 501©(3) entities. Many such churches proudly report their finances and comply with 501©(3) rules when interacting with donors and potential donors.

It is also worth stating that 501©(3) entities have a great deal of leeway—and in my experience, can get away with a lot of unfortunate nonsense with little scrutiny or legal controls. That’s a topic for another thread, I suppose (though not one I am interested in pursuing because I’m burned out on the topic due to my personal experiences.)

NOTE: I see the Discourse software insists on converting the correct spelling of 501 designations so as to insert a copyright symbol! That’s another bug for the bug list, @Michael_Callen.

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Did I fix it?

501©(3) Hahaha… no.

You can fake it by inserting italics though. 501(C)(3) The bug fix list is long, and the desire on the part of the developers is short.

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