The impossible-to-be-adequately-damned response clock

Why does it exist? Why is it tolerated? Can a stake be driven through its heart?

It even told me I had to wait 22 seconds before posting this.


Haha, I’ve found it to be so annoying especially when having arguments across time zones. I might get to my computer 6-12 hours after having received lots of responses, and as I want to get around to answering to most of them I have to sit there and wait every time.

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Okay. I will consider changing the setting. Working today though…

What’s it for? Why have it at all?

“You’re replying too quickly. Please wait 54 seconds before trying again.”

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It encourages people to have well-thought-out, carefully phrased flame wars.


It is meant to make you think twice about writing a stupid unsubstantial post.

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What’s wrong with stupid unsubstantiated posts? Isn’t that what religion and theology has been doing for thousands of years?

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It clearly doesn’t do that. What it actually does is annoy people for no purpose.

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Perhaps there’s another function that could be made for this?

I hope so, because is hasn’t been terribly effective.

Okay @John_Harshman, just changed the setting from 120 seconds to 15 seconds. Knock yourself out.

A lesson for us all about squeaky wheels. Thanks.