The Pre-print Firehose for COVID-19

The global outbreak of COVID-19 is transforming how scientists communicate about fast-moving health crises. A torrent of data is being released daily via preprint servers, then dissected on platforms such as Slack and Twitter, and in the media, before formal peer review begins. Journal staffers are working overtime to review, edit, and publish papers at record speeds, and hundreds of genomes so far have been released on a platform named GISAID. The intense communication has catalyzed an unusual level of collaboration among scientists that, combined with scientific advances, has enabled research to move faster than during any previous outbreak


I saw a paper that I will be discussing in class next week -

It was submitted January 20th, accepted January 21st, and published online January 22nd.

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It’s interesting how the approach to this outbreak involves high tech technology that was unimaginable a generation ago, but also the most basic principles of containment that have been used for a century and a half.

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