The Rainbow Mountains of China

Al-Fatir (35)

ART THOU NOT aware that God sends down water from the skies, whereby We bring forth fruits of many hues - just as in the mountains there are streaks of white and red of various shades, as well as (others) raven-black,

and (as) there are in men, and in crawling beasts, and in cattle, too, many hues?19 Of all His servants, only such as are endowed with [innate] knowledge stand [truly] in awe of God:20 [for they alone comprehend that,] verily, God is almighty, much-forgiving.

  1. Cf. 16:13, where the splendour of nature (“the beauty of many hues”) is spoken of as an evidence of God’s creative power.

  2. I.e., spiritual knowledge, born of the realization that the phenomena which can be observed do not comprise the whole of reality, inasmuch as there is “a realm beyond the reach of a created being’s perception” (cf. surah 2 note 3).

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