The War on Science?


Hilarious. They realize NOW that profiling your opponents as AT WAR WITH SCIENCE if they don’t agree with a short list of conclusions on certain subjects dOESN’T persuade or even intimadate them to compliance.
i say those saying conservatives, creationists, etc etc are at war with science is actually showing a curve of error WHICH would bev true if the conservative, creationists etc side was right,. A moral and intellectual curve.
its not showing my side is dumber and anti science but the other side is dumber, and quick with accusation. i don’t accuse them of being anti -science. Just more obedient to authority and experts without thinking the merits of the case over.

The war is only one side accusing the other because they disagree with conclusions in certain subjects.
its a insult. its a dismissal of intellectual legitimacy. its an orthodoxy demanding submission.
Its Un American, and Un Canadian,.
Its the last gasps of the side that will lose.
Its the same crowd that uses ism-ology to force compliance.
its silly, pathetic, and they embarrass themselves.
They are at war with historical dissent and historical scientific dissent.
They are on a losing curve.