This is a science site

Therefore we use colloquial definitions exclusively. We actively avoid formal definitions as unscientific.

We do use scientific definitions. We just require they be used correctly and not twisted to try and score cheap rhetorical points. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Evolution means simply change over time being the latest. So it turns out the DI is not anti-evolution at all. Neither is Mike Behe. Not sure why anyone would ever have accused me of being anti-evolution either.



sealion (third-person singular simple present sealions, present participle sealioning, simple past and past participle sealioned)

(Internet, slang) To intrude on a conversation with disingenuous questions in an attempt to engage in unwanted debate as a form of harassment.


Or assertions.

Though I notice since we made clear what sealioning is to the forum, the behavior is being ignored for the most part. That is good news.


Bruce, science is not about debate. It is about testing hypotheses. We characterize the avoidance of testing hypotheses as unscientific.

Now, do you have any predictions from your definitional hypothesis?


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