Time to Talk About Tags

As you know, we are in the process of a major forum overhall. As part of this overhall, we have enabled tagging of posts. A few informative points and questions:

  1. A current list of Tags can always be found here: https://discourse.peacefulscience.org/tags

  2. Does anyone see a need for another Tag? If you do, please put a note on this page.

  3. Our old posts will not have tags. Anyone with sufficient trust level (TL2, I think) should be able to add tags as well. Please do. Let us know if you are doing this, so we can give you appropriate credit.

  4. Anyone can change visibility of posts of tags in different categories in their settings. For example, those that want to avoid posts on “Design” can add this to their mute list. Those that want to be keep informed of these posts can add it to their watch list.

Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions here.

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Does anyone think it to be good to have tags for individual science subjects?

For example:
Evolutionary Biology
Information Theory
Statistical Mechanics (or Origin of Life topics)

A tag for mathematics?


Maybe down the line. I initially had some tags like this, but then quickly saw it getting to be a large list. There are many sides of science. For now, keeping it simple might be a better idea.

Science is already has 175 tagged topics. I don’t mind waiting for see how this develops, but that’s where the need for more tags will be most obvious. Broad topics like Math/Physics, BioChemistry, and Social(?) might be a good start.

We might also encourage people to use the hashtag method, for instance adding #Information #Theory or #OOL as keywords when they start topics. Then any search should locate those post quickly.

That is merely because we had a science category.

No hash tags. Search works great on normal text.

@Dan_Eastwood, I’ve added two tags:


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Thank you. I will start tagging some candidates, and we can hash out what deserves to be there.

How about an Admin tag, for rules and announcements?

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Let me think about how to handle that.

That occurred to me when I had to search for the 48 hour rule.