Timing of Neanderthals’ Disappearance Makes Art Claims Unlikely


Faz may be correct on this particular artifact being attributed to modern Sapiens and not Neanderthals but he fails to acknowledge human exceptionalism in cognitive abilities going back nearly 2 million years. Humans are exceptional for upright walking, stone tool making, control of fire, language, and culture that has advanced for 2 million years over MANY species of humans.

The 13 year old child born 90,00 years ago who’s mother was a Neanderthal, and her father was a Denisovan was as human as Faz’s, mine, and your children.

Fact of the matter is that many of the things that make humans exceptional (such as civilization) are only several 10s of thousand years old.

The key issue seems to be whether
a)“Human Evolution” happened gradually through many small steps over 7 million years… such that its very difficult to point to any particular point of time where an Ape like Primate became Human. In such a scenario, the concept of Humanity itself becomes diluted and difficult to pin down.

b) “Human Evolution” involved one or more large leaps over a short period of time such that a particular threshold is available to show one group of Species as “human” and another as “non-Human”.

Both you and Faz seem to be advocating for Scenario “b”. The only difference being where the threshold of being “human” lies.