TJ Runyon: Our Newest Moderator

@T.j_Runyon is among the youngest of those that frequents Peaceful Science, and I’m proud to announce the beginning of his stint as a moderator. The reason he is being placed in this position of power on these boards is because of shared values: a commitment to respectful dialogue.

Along with the other @moderators, treat him with respect and understand that he will be adjudicating civil discourse here. Remember that the impulse to dismiss people undermines your ability to convince them. It is not enough to be right. You also have to be trusted.

Remember the lesson from: Woman Leaves the Westboro Baptist Church.

Here at Peaceful Science, we endeavor to be the contradiction. Please join me in welcoming @T.j_Runyon into his new role in taking us there.

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Thank you Josh for this opportunity. I very much enjoy this forum and have learned a lot from many of you and I’m sure that will continue. Just to briefly introduce myself I’m twenty-eight and im from the college football capital of the United States, Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Roll tide. I have recently converted back to Christianity after a ten year stint as a metaphysical naturalist. I am still learning and figuring things out. As far as my studies I go I have changed directions a few times. I began doing work on Eocene whales and Mosasaurs(Cretaceous) and even some Odonates, hoping to eventually settle on Archosaurs and work on Tyrannosaurs. But over the last year my love for history has been reignited and I thought a perfect way to combine my love for history and bones would be bioarchaeology! So that’s where I am now. Most interested in the Ancient Mediterranean. Especially past diets (by looking at dental calculus and isotopic analysis) and paleopathology. Things I’m hoping to get out of this experience is a better knowledge of the history of Christianity and the History of methodlogical naturalism in Christian thought. I accept the findings of modern evolutionary biology but as always, and I think my conversion shows this, my beliefs are subject to change when I believe the evidence is sufficient. I look forward to more interesting discussions!


So glad to have you doing this. To be clear, my ‘like’ was not for the “Roll Tide” part of your comment!