Tour and Sanford on Genetic Entropy with Time Stamps

I’d encourage you to watch the full video. Jesus shone so clearly through these two men. I may or may not have wept afterwards. :slight_smile:

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If so, Jesus doesn’t seem to know much about biology. Doesn’t that seem odd?


Well, their biological knowledge wasn’t the Christlike qualities she was talking about :slight_smile: .

Yes, but she believes their biology because of their Christlike qualities.


Well…He was there in the biology too. :slight_smile:

I don’t believe their biology because of my Christlike qualities. :slight_smile:

Seriously, do you have any substantive point here?

Sure, he is in the biology. That isn’t the same as their knowledge of biology.

My point is that @thoughtful is being extremely credulous of creationist claims, and this makes it difficult to have any sort of conversation with her. Also, extremely incredulous of non-creationist claims.


Well that’s true, but that also seems to be the opposite of what I think it means to follow Jesus.

Then you disagree with her notion that the video is chock full of Jesus’s spirit?

I think Jesus is full of grace. He is willing to tolerate a lot of nonsense. He is also full of Truth, so from my human perspective, I suspect he was present but didn’t agree with a lot of it :slight_smile: .

So Jesus wasn’t present in their science, just in their camaraderie. You should tell @thoughtful, because I don’t think she knows.

In the end, I think @thoughtful will have to agree that Jesus is greater than Tour, Sanford, and the best of creation science.

Watch it, and then feel free to argue with me.

You do a lot of suspecting without investigating. Feel free to tell me some more I don’t know Jesus when I see Him when you hadn’t even watched the video yet. :neutral_face: Jesus upfront exposes idols in the video and shows how good He is to us.

Of course, Jesus is always better than any created thing and that’s why we should surrender ourselves to His authority and not man-made ideas of science. Watch the video.

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